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This generation of E3 with the need to pay attention! No more love for B150

this generation of E3 collocation need to pay attention! There is no more love for B150

before starting the evaluation, let's first solve the most concerned and urgent problem of all believers-motherboard matching problem! If we pay attention to our PConline series of reports on Xeon E3V5, we all know that this generation of E3 has been ruthlessly blocked by the great leader (Intel). It no longer supports 100 series motherboards and is almost insulated from DIY. Fortunately, it has been rescued by the friendship of motherboard manufacturers (we know that there are policies on the top and countermeasures on the bottom), and C200 motherboard chipsets have been launched in DIY market in a targeted manner, only in this way can E3 be alone for a lifetime when it comes to V5 generation...

. Therefore, believers who want to join the church need to change their inherent thinking. If there is no accident (unlock Bios is not introduced) "E3V5 B150" only has an infinite black screen (not lit) waiting for you. To light up this generation of God U, you can only use the motherboard of the exclusive server C200 chipset. However, the promotion of server motherboards by motherboard manufacturers in the DIY market is undoubtedly a marginal ball in the gray area, and a lot of derivative problems need to be solved.

1, what should I call the Shenu car? C232 or X150

C200 chip motherboard group is a completely unfamiliar product to DIY market, with very low awareness. Intel officials will definitely not publicize this gray product, so the important task of popular science can only fall on motherboard manufacturers. However, if you want to DIY Xiaobai to know that you have to find C200 motherboard with E3V5, it will take a long time to promote it. So the tactful manufacturer came, and Jijia tactfully called the C232 model used in the desktop market-X150.

Xiaobian thinks it is properly used. Just listen to the name to know that it is similar to the positioning of B150, and it is also easy for people to accept the particularity of its "X"-it can adapt to God U; In addition, it is also good to be classified into 100 series in naming, which is convenient to classify. Even after N generations in the future, everyone can know Skylake 100 series mainboard adapts to CPU, in order to avoid the confusion that i7-3960X belong to the second generation architecture, there is a third generation name. Therefore, Xiaobian thinks that it is better to call this kind of motherboard X150 in the future.

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This generation of E3 with the need to pay attention! No more love for B150

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