Pin 1.27 Bay/Direct/SMT


Pin 1.27 Bay/Direct/SMT

Pin 1.27/2.0/2.54 Bay/Straight SMT


Pin arrangement/busbar arrangement

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Pin 1.27 Bay/Direct/SMT

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Pin headers 1.27/2.0/2.54 bay plug/in-line SMT

The pin header/female header connector is a commonly used connector for electronic components, also known as a pin header socket. It consists of a row of metal pins that can be connected to other components such as circuit boards, plugs, etc. Pin header connectors typically have multiple pins, each with a fixed size and spacing to connect with pins of other devices or components. Such connectors are typically used to transmit signals, power, data, or other signal transmissions.

Pin header lengths are usually tailored to specific needs and are generally available in different sizes. Shorter connectors are suitable for compact electronics, while longer connectors are suitable for scenarios where more connection points are required. Pin header connectors generally have good stability and reliability, and can withstand large currents and voltages. They are also easy to install and remove, making it easy for users to repair and replace.

In short, pin header connector is a commonly used electronic component connector that can be used to connect circuit boards, plugs and other devices. Its length is selected according to needs, which has stability and reliability, and is easy to install and maintain.

Pin headers 1.27/2.0/2.54 bay plug/in-line SMT

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