D-SUB metal shell NP straight/bay


D-SUB metal shell NP straight/bay



D-SUB Connector

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D-SUB metal shell NP straight/bay

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    D-SUB快速壳  9PIN  15PIN  25PIN  37PIN  锌合金压铸

D-SUB metal enclosure is a type of enclosure used for electrical connections, usually used for connector interfaces in computers and other electronic devices. It has a metal housing, usually galvanized steel or aluminum alloy, to provide excellent durability and corrosion resistance.

The design of the D-SUB metal housing usually has a right-angle shape, sometimes also a round design, which can be selected according to specific needs. This housing design can effectively protect the internal electronic connectors and circuit boards from interference and damage from the external environment.

In addition, the D-SUB metal shell also has good shielding performance, which can effectively reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference and provide more stable and reliable signal transmission. It also has high mechanical strength and vibration resistance, and is able to operate for long periods of time in harsh working environments.

Overall, the D-SUB metal housing is a reliable connector housing with excellent durability, corrosion resistance and shielding properties. It is widely used in computers, communication equipment, industrial control equipment and other fields to ensure the stable and reliable operation of connectors and electronic equipment.

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