Connected D-SUB


Connected D-SUB

Connected D-SUB


D-SUB Connector

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Connected D-SUB

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Twin Siamese DR 9PIN+ 15PIN+ 25PIN+ 37PIN+ Punch / Needle Full Gold 2U, Nickel Plated Iron Case, Vinyl/Color PBT, (Front Lock Hex Screw)

Conjoined D-SUB is a commonly used cable connector with two-row pins and one-row socket for data transmission and signal transmission. Its length is usually a specific size, such as 9 pins, 15 pins or 25 pins. Conjoined D-SUB connectors are commonly used in areas such as computers, network equipment, and industrial automation to connect various devices and peripherals. It has the advantages of high reliability, good contact and strong anti-interference ability, and is suitable for high-speed transmission and scenarios with high anti-interference requirements. The conjoined D-SUB is also available in different shapes and package types, such as in-line and soldered, to suit different mounting needs. In short, conjoined D-SUB is an important cable connector that is widely used in various fields.

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