Waterproof D-SUB


Waterproof D-SUB

Waterproof D-SUB


D-SUB Connector

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Waterproof D-SUB

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防水DB    9PIN  15PIN  25PIN  37PIN  车针全金2U,铁壳镀镍,黑胶PBT,(前锁六角螺丝)

Waterproof D-SUB is a connector with waterproof function, mainly used to transmit data and signals. The connector adopts a special design and material to effectively prevent moisture from penetrating into the inside of the connector and preventing short circuit or other damage caused by moisture ingress. Waterproof D-SUB connectors are suitable for a variety of outdoor and harsh environment applications, such as marine, automotive, military equipment, etc. It has good waterproof performance and is able to work stably in humid, rainy and dusty environments. The length of the waterproof D-SUB connector can be customized according to the needs, and generally different specifications and sizes are available. The use of waterproof D-SUB connectors ensures the reliability and stability of the device under harsh conditions. In short, the waterproof D-SUB connector is a very practical and important connector that can meet the connection needs in various environments.

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