Ultra thin D-SUB


Ultra thin D-SUB

Ultra thin D-SUB


D-SUB Connector

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Ultra thin D-SUB

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Ultra-thin SLIM 1.0 3.08 5.08 9PIN 15PIN punching needle full gold 2U, nickel plated iron case, vinyl PBT, rivet harpoon (front lock hex screw)

The ultra-thin D-SUB is a connector that is designed to make it thinner than traditional D-SUB connectors. Such connectors are commonly used in computers, monitors, and other electronic devices to transmit image and video signals.

Ultra-thin D-SUB connectors are typically half the length or less than standard D-SUB connectors. It features a more compact design to accommodate the tight space requirements of modern electronics. Due to their low-profile design, the ultra-thin D-SUB connector takes up less space in electronic devices, helping to improve the overall compactness and portability of the device.

Ultra-thin D-SUB connectors typically have the same pinout and functionality and are compatible with traditional D-SUB connectors. This means it can be interconnected with existing D-SUB connector plugs and sockets without the need for additional adapters or adapters.

All in all, the ultra-thin D-SUB connector offers better space utilization and flexibility through its compact design for image and video transmission needs in modern electronic devices.

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