High current D-SUB 90DIP


High current D-SUB 90DIP



D-SUB Connector

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High current D-SUB 90DIP

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DB 2V2 2W2 3V3 3W3 5W5 7W2 13W3 17W2 High Current 10A 20A 40A Needle 90DIP type, all gold vinyl, rivet bracket lock hex screw

High-current D-SUB (D-SUBMINIATURE) is a common electronic connector commonly used for the interface of computers and other electronic devices. It is a connector with a metal casing, usually with 15 or more pins.

The housing of high-current D-SUB connectors is usually made of metal to ensure good shielding and mechanical strength. It has reliable connection performance and is able to operate at high frequencies and currents.

High-current D-SUB connectors are typically used for data transmission and signal transmission. For example, in the computer field, they can be used to connect peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, mice, etc. In addition, they can also be used for the transmission of audio and video signals.

The length of high-current D-SUB connectors generally ranges from a few centimeters to a dozen centimeters, depending on the number of pins and the application field. They are generally easy to install and replace, and have good durability and reliability.

In conclusion, high-current D-SUB connector is a common electronic connector with a wide range of application fields and reliable performance.

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