Needle HDR 15P 26P 50P 90DIP iron bracket


Needle HDR 15P 26P 50P 90DIP iron bracket

Car PinD-SUB


D-SUB Connector

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Needle HDR 15P 26P 50P 90DIP iron bracket

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HDR 15PIN 26PIN 44PIN 50PIN Car Needle All Gold 2U, Iron Case Nickel Plated, White Rubber PBT, Rivet Harpoon Stand + Bezel (Front Rivet Hex Screw)

The bur D-SUB is a common connector type that is mainly used for data transmission connecting computers, communication devices and other electronic devices. It uses a dense pin arrangement, typically with 15, 25, 37 or more pins.

The design of this connector gives it high reliability and stability. It resembles a rectangular socket with many neatly arranged small metal pins. These pins have a specific order of arrangement to ensure the correct connection. The bur D-SUB connectors are also corrosion-resistant, interference-resistant and durable.

The bur D-SUB connector is widely used in computer serial port, parallel port, VGA interface and data transmission of some instruments and meters. They can connect devices such as monitors, printers, modems, keyboards, mice, etc. In industrial environments, bur D-SUB connectors are also commonly used to connect devices such as sensors, actuators and controllers.

In conclusion, the bur D-SUB connector is a common and reliable connector type, which is widely used in the data transmission of electronic devices and communication equipment with high stability and durability.

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